I am a graduate of North Carolina State University with a MS in Computer Science in the Security track and I am a currently on the job market. I believe that customers are the number one priority and their privacy and security should be considered first! In order to achieve this, my primary interest in in achieving, maintaining, and promoting usable security solutions. There is not a single easy fix for this as awareness of security is necessary in every stage of software development including design, tool development, implementation, and maintenance. In order to truly solve these problems, we need to understand as many viewpoints as possible.

Since usable security cannot be acomplished by a single job role, I am searching for jobs under multiple roles:

  • Software Engineer - User-facing software development, security focused devops, IoT. Most of my programming experience is with Python/Django, but I have developed with C/C++, Java, and recently Node.js. I am always eager to learn new languages as well!
  • Product Manager - Development of security-focused software products
  • Security Engineer - Consultation/collaboration with internal and external parties including architectural reviews

I also love to travel – there are few places that I have not wanted to visit.

As always, you can contact me at the email to the left. If no links are showing up, disable ad blockers and reload. I promise never to display ads to you on this site.